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Your dream-like sensual fantasy is waiting for you! Surrender to my attentive touch on a generously wide, sexy and luxurious twin-hole treatment table, customised for the pleasures downunder. Isn’t this what you were after? I hear you! And I am ready for you.

This service is provided on a king size, one metre wide, twin-hole, professional treatment table, and consists of a sumptuous full body relaxxxation relief.

Prices are for a full nude, sensual bodyrub with oil and hand relief from back and front positions. No full service. Extras are available and can be negotiated at my discretion.

Quality unscented organic warm oil is used, no petrochemicals. Aromatherapy oils are also available.

Please enquire for a detailed description of this service.

Longer appointments are available on request.


30 min ——————————————————– $180
45 min ——————————————————– $220
60 min ——————————————————– $250

>>> This service is provided on a twin-hole one metre wide treatment table <<<


This is a Japanese modality treatment, created to arouse and indulge the nuru receiver, who lays down passively on the mattress, only to be pleased.

Prices are for a full nude, whole, entire body-to-body erotic contact experience with a special gel and an eruptive relief at the end. No full service.

Please ensure you have clear clean skin, problematic skin conditions will not be accepted due to health reasons.

A fun, slippery, waterproof sheet is used for our nuru pleasure.

I use an organic 100% plant based special gel, derived from seaweed and other compounds that I carefully prepare to make this treatment a breathtaking moment. No nasty chemicals and preservatives.

If you don’t know what “NURU” is, a quick search on google will give you a fair idea about it. Alternatively, I am happy to send you more details about this treatment, as there are restrictions, according to the law, to describe my services publicly.


 45 min ——————————————————– $250 *
60 min ——————————————————– $300 *
  75 min ——————————————————– $400 * *

* With Sukebe Chair extra $50 on top of the booking price.
* * The price for the 75min session includes the Naughty Sukebe Chair.

>>> This service is provided on a specially customised futon bed <<<


Enhance your breathtaking Nuru Treatment by adding the naughty Sukebe Chair and have your wicked desires come true!

An exclusive treatment performed on a specially designed Japanese chair, which allows full access to explore incredible erogenous areas of your body.

The same velvet and creamy gel used for Erotic Nuru is used for this experience.

Although this treatment concentrates the attention on specific erogenous areas, there is no penetration or prostate stimulation during this service.

Please ensure your personal hygiene is exceptional and thorough, especially the parts you want to receive more attention.

Naturally, you’re always welcome to use the shower facilities with fresh towels and toiletries in my secret place. And the soap never runs out!


The Sukebe Chair can be added to the Erotic Nuru Session for an extra $50 in addition to the booking price

>>> This service is provided on a sukebe chair <<<


This treatment is where the West meets the East with all its power and sensuality.

It is a Thai restorative healing style, combined with European oil relaxation strokes.

Prices are for a full nude, sensual bodyrub with oil and hand relief. No full service. Extras can be negotiated.

Quality unscented warm oil is used, no petrochemicals. Organic aromatherapy oils and ointments are also available.

If you would like to know more about this service, I am happy to send you more information about it. Please ask.


45 min ——————————————————– $220
60 min ——————————————————– $250
75 min ——————————————————– $300

>>> This service is provided on a specially customised futon bed <<<


Special outfits (eg suspenders, stockings…) and other extra services are available at my discretion from $30 in addition to the booking price. Please enquire.


Please ensure your inner thighs, buttocks, scrotum, anal surface area and penis are clean, as well as armpits and other parts of your body. You are always welcome to use the available shower facilities. Please use the soap provided, it is PH balanced, antibacterial, cruelty free, vegan, safe and won’t irritate your skin.

I practice good personal and dental hygiene, and I expect the same from my clients. Please have some of the vegan menthol drops that are available in the bathroom, as well as the organic charcoal mouth wash, if you like, especially if you’re a smoker!

In the rare event of inappropriate personal hygiene, especially the private parts, the client will be asked to take a second shower or leave the premises. No extra time will be added to the allocated appointment or reduction in price. If the client leaves the premises without completing the booking no refund will be given. Personal hygiene and good manners are much more desirable than a handsome physique.

The payment for the treatment must be organised before your shower, preferably in the meeting and greeting area.


Lovely clients! I do not consume any animal products in my diet, so please, do NOT bring any milk chocolate. If you would like to give me a present, which is never expected, a bunch of lavender flowers are always fragrant and beautiful!

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